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CoOperative Small Business Advertising

Our WordPress Multi-User sites are brandable to schools, sports leagues, churches, charities etc. and our income generating pluggin is available to their supporters and, essentially, "donate" their web traffic!

CoOperative Fundraising

WordPress Multi-User sites enable new bloggers to easily start earning income and our WordPress plugin enables established WordPress sites to join too! Our designers can provide you either!

Wordpress WebSite Design & Development

Our hosting mission is to so enable your web site to earn you income that WE PAY YOU to host with us!

WebSite Hosting

Our hosting mission is to so enable your web site to earn you income that WE PAY YOU to host with us!

Software As A Service

Our customised WordPress Multi-User script is available to schools, real estate, insurance, car-dealer, sports leagues, churches, charities, political candidates on a subscription basis.

Bitcoin Services

More than just a new global crypto-currency/money! Bitcoin enables global participation, payments and financial accountability to our members

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DASH Is On The Way!

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We are going to start accepting Dash and other crypto currencies, in addition to Bitcoin. They will purchase the same amount of ad credits as the amount of Bitcoin that their alt-coin would have purchased. In other words, one ad credit is still pegged to Bitcoin and they will get whatever exchange rate their coin

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A Different Type Of Ad Network!

Whether you are a new web site operator that hasn't heard of ad networks or a seasoned pro I suggest taking a quick look at this WikiPedia piece. The major player in the field is, beyond a doubt, Google with their Adsense and Adwords programs. They have pulled off an incredible branding feat because they've

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Are These Stats For Real?

If you want to get a glimpse of what Bungeebones and this ad network project is about then this report by W3Tech should be quite eye opener. If I'm interpreting this correctly then 80% of the websites on the Internet aren't making any attempt to monetize or sell their web traffic using any of these

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