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A Different Approach To Website Traffic. We aggregate the traffic leaving our Publisher's content-filled websites, add value to it and recycle it among our advertisers. It is fundamentally a link exchange with a financial compensation system to equitably compensate sites (with Bitcoin) according to their contributions of web traffic and marketing. Users can advertise their website for free and can also opt for inexpensive better placement which compensates the sites that contribute.

Monetize Your Web traffic For Bitcoin. It's like mining for Bitcoin with your website!

The BungeeBones Advertising System can be used in creative ways for fund raising. It is especially suited for raising support from businesses since they are always looking for ways to advertise. Unlike programs built on selling consumables (like chocolates, cookies etc) web advertising is something they use continuously. It is also something that businesses can tell each other about and spread the word about your cause along the way.

In The Lucrative Web Advertising Field. Combined with the revolutionary Bitcoin technology! Interested? Review the affiliate program and start immediately!

BungeeBones - A New Web Promotion Method

The Unique BungeeBones "Distributed" Web Directory is a great tool for getting traffic to your website. With just your one link submission it gets it on an ever growing number of "distributed" web directories installed on our quality, content filled and independent partnering sites. To get your site listed just register, login, fill in the submission form and choose the most specific category for your listing.

Monetizing your own web traffic for Bitcoin is easy too! Just install your free web directory (fully branded to your own website). If you have ever wanted to run your own business then this script is for you! It comes complete with categories, links AND management so it is immediately useful to your site visitors. Our free management provides inspection and review of new sites for you as well as checking for dead links.

It is the absolute easiest and most effortless web directory you can get for your website!

You also get to offer the same great advertising deal to your website visitors as well. We share the revenue of paying customers wanting more prominent ad position with you through generous commissions!

And last of all, it is Bitcoined all the way!

BungeeBones is the perfect way for a business to experience Bitcoin first hand. Get your hands dirty in the currency MADE FOR THE INTERNET! Every businesses can always use more advertising and this system lets a business start small and experience Bitcoin from the consumer end. Acquire a small amount of Bitcoin to get started and then buy advertising for your website today!