Publishers host a BungeeBones web directory on their website so their visitors can use it to surf the web to our other member's websites and so that those visitors that own websites themselves can register add their own link to advertise and become a publisher as well.

The web directory is the way Publishers use their website to sell advertising and to recruit other Publishers and Affiliates. Publishers can, of course, use other methods to register leads such as person-to-person presentations, business cards, advertisements, brochures, seminars, FaceBook, Twitter, Email campaigns etc. but their website is where all the registration is handled for them.

Publishers earn commissions on their own sales and also the sales of their "downline". They can also help their downlinews sell and recruit recruit as much as possible to generate a bigger income stream. It is a free multi-level marketing opportunity as well as a free and managed web directory for their web site visitor's enjoyment.

Publishers can redeem their earnings for Bitcoin, sell them to their own customers as advertising credits (i.e. "AdCoins"), or post them for sale (for cash direct to their own bank account) to other BungeeBones customers on the BungeeBones Exchange.