What do I mean by "Wasting web traffic"? We know that the number of site visitors leaving your website is just about always equal to the amount of web traffic arriving at it and on the VAST MAJORITY of websites (80% of them according the the stats in the following link) they DO NOT try to market that traffic! Everyone is going to leave your website - eventually.

So what are you doing with that web traffic now?

Take a look at these stats and you will see that A lot of web sites do absolutely nothing to try to sell it! Why not?

What BungeeBones is asking webmasters to do is to take a look and try this plan and see how we can take what seems like an insignificant or valueless amount of web traffic, gather and aggregate it and make it into something valuable! What I am hoping to do is to convince webmasters to stop letting their web traffic go to waste and, instead, to invest it in a new start up for both their short-term and long-term benefit. What I am asking is that they realize that their web traffic represents idle capital and that I am willing to pay them for investing it in this new idea.