BungeeBones offers payment to webmasters (and the bloggers we give blogs to) for the sales of advertising generated either by their websites or by their own sales efforts. The amount of sales generated by their web site is related to the amount of web traffic arriving at the site while the results of their personal sales efforts are not. But with the Multi-Level Marketing approach we use, the propects of gaining long term rewards from either of those efforts are sizable.

Web Advertising Is A Lucrative And Growing Business

The core proposal is to aggregate the huge amount of wasted web traffic out there leaving millions upon millions of websites without generating any economic benefit for those that generated it. I'm confident there is a pot of gold in those numbers and have put together a compensation system based upon rewarding those willing to invest their unused web traffic.

What Do Website Owners Have To Lose?

If I was asking for them to invest their money they could lose that but I am NOT asking people for their money but rather I am asking them for their web traffic that is otherwise going to waste! So, to answer my own question, you HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE because you are probably already losing it anyway!

Are There Any Other Costs?

There is a small up front investment of time on the webmaster's part to install the web directory script on their site. The income earning web directory comes complete with categories, links and management so once it is installed it is maintenance free. It is available as either a Wordpress plugin or a PHP script.