The Bungeebones Network Effect is possible because of its Distributed Web Directory script which enables a website to both contribute web traffic into the network and sell the web traffic of the network to it's own site visitors. Each website gets to market a much better and more valuable product than they would have been able to build with their own website traffic alone. Advertisers get much broader link exposure across the whole network with one easy registration.

About Building The Web Traffic of The Network

The Network EffectThere are a number of successful online businesses that build upon user submitted traffic. Google's Adsense, for example, provides webmasters free snippets of code that they then install on their website. That code will display a number of links to sites of Google's paying advertising customers. This system is called "Pay Per Click (or PPC) because the hosting website doesn't get paid by Google unless someone actually clicks on the link and goes to the customers website. Google also gets paid "per click" and shares their receipts with the site that generated the click.

The Network EffectIn the case of BungeeBones, websites also use a free code but instead of the code inserting a few links next to an existing page's content this web directory code inserts an entire web directory on it own separate page. It generally is installed into one of the site's own blank templates so that to the end user it appears as any of the other web pages on the site. The web directory displays many more links than a PPC program and the site owner is not paid if someone clicks the link but rather when they purchase advertising. At the bottom of every page of links is a simple "Add A Link" button that is obviously intended for those visitors that operate websites too (who else would be interested in adding a link right?). Those users can actually join and add their website listing for free because, even though they may not be interested in purchasing a more prominent advertising space than what they get for free, they may be interested in adding yet another web directory to their own website and, thus, increasing the network effect and increasing traffic in the network.

About Selling The Web Traffic of The Network

The Network EffectThere are two programs that enable the sale of web traffic of the network for Bitcoin. Those with their own web sites can install our directory script and they participate at a program level called "Publishers". The other program is called the "Affiliate" program and is for those without a website where they receive a free Wordpress blog on one or more of over a dozen WordPress "multi-sites" (like It doesn't require the installation of a web directory. Users of either system can sell advertising person to person or can post the link to their registration page on social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter. The Affiliate Program might be a better fit for websites that can't or prefer not to add a web directory to their site but are fine with adding a link to it.