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BungeeBones produces and maintains a very unique Yellow Pages web directory that is designed to be distributed and installed on practically any website in a few minutes. Each installation retrieves the categories links of our advertisers from the central server in real time and offers the site visitor "surfing" opportunites. The more installations that occur, the more traffic our advertisers get and the more they are willing to pay.

What kind of websites host the web directory script? We like websites with real content, businesses, products and/or services and blogs. In addition to the traffic their content draws, they often spend additional resources to get traffic, too, such as business cards, newspaper, T.V., magazine, and radio ads etc.

Our idea is simple - we recycle the web traffic, aggregate it, and enable everyone to market it for them and earn them income. Currently, 80% of websites DO NOT participate in this type of enterprise known as "an ad network".