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A Different Type Of Ad Network!

If you are a new website operator and haven't heard of ad networks, please take a quick look at this WikiPedia piece.

Our co-operative ad network offers:

  • Advertise for free across the entire network – An ever increasing co-operative association of websites display your web site info in an organized web directory API for their visitors' benefit
  • Want better position? Get better ad position across the entire network, at your option, by a unique bid-for-position flex auction
  • Want Income? Join the cooperative. Earn income and receive a dynamic equity stake by installing our free API
  • Either withdraw your income as Bitcoin or use it to purchase better advertising position!
  • GET either FREE WordPressMU blog sites that come with the income earning API already installed!
  • or FREE WordPress plugin or PHP script API (for those with a website)

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BungeeBones is NOT a Pay Per Click system and has a completely different AND BETTER compensation system.

A Distributed Web Directory – Our optional and free API installed on your website provides you a complete and managed web directory (an API). Unlike PPC which advertises just a handful of advertisers (next to your page content which attempts to lure them away while they are still engaged), it advertises all our co-operative's customer's websites on its own separate page (with the links in organized categories). It also offers website visitors the opportunity to register and advertise themselves!Our web directory is a "general" web directory which offers a broad array of categories and advertises many types of businesses and products. There is high probability your visitors will consider advertising in our co-operative system.


An Open Business Model – BungeeBones offers a "co-operative" approach that enables our members to leverage the web traffic they each get and aggregate it into a larger, more valuable block of traffic. They then can each offer the aggregate for sale to their visitors ( a similar model to the real estate MLS system). We want those visiting our website members as customers (to buy our network's web traffic) but we also want them to become members themselves and add even more web traffic. Either way, our members are rewarded in this rapid growth model with both short and long-term monetary compensation along with dynamic equity interests tied to their sales. No other ad network offers such a system!


Why such a drastically different business model?

The report below by W3Tech should be quite eye opener. It says that 80% of the websites on the Internet aren't making any attempt to monetize or sell their web traffic using ad networks. That means there is a four out of five chance that you, the reader (sic website operator), do not earn money with your website using an ad network! Such a poor participation rate (in a business dominated by the likes of Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others) clearly demonstrates both a tremendous opportunity but also a tremendous failure by them to serve the webmaster community. A new approach (a cooperative business model) strives to get the content and traffic generating website operator the highest return for their web traffic as possible but, too, by pooling and aggregating otherwise wasted web traffic, it can also offer very competitive rates to customers. In other words, the co-operative approach will provide greater efficiency to an underserved industry.


The full report is available here where they describe how they sent out their "bot" to look for the ad network code of any of the sites in their list (over 200 companies) and to determine which sites use them. There are two main points to glean:

  1. An amazing 79.6% of the websites the bot searched had NONE of the code from any of the companies in the list.
  2. Of the sites that do use an ad network to earn money from their web traffic, Google dominates the field by having 83.6 % of those sites using their service.

Multistakeholder cooperative

The Solution? A Co-operative approach …

  • provides publishers a long-term asset and stakeholder interest resulting from the success that their contribution of web traffic, sales and recruitment creates.
  • creates a product out of a wasted resource and that didn't exist previously
  • uses a well established and proven co-operative marketing approach used by other industries such as real estate (the MLS system), banking (the VISA and Mastercard network) and retail (shopping malls)
  • provides better marketing opportunities for small to medium websites to maximize the income from their web traffic.
  • provides wholesale priced advertising to members
  • provides competitively priced web traffic and advertising to non-members in a competitive bidding arrangement