What do you mean by "White hat" multi level?

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Whether it is a deserved reputation or not, Multi-Level Marketing tends to have an image problem. But, at the same time, the web advertising field and "websites" have a very unique characteristic that enables "consumers" and "buyers" of web advertising to also become producer/generators/advertisers of other websites simply by installing our API.

That means everyone you would sell advertising to (assuming you installed the API or use one of our free personal blog sites) could potentially install the API too (we KNOW they operate a website because they bought "web" advertising).

So since  every sale you make is also a great opportunity to grow the network (which is in everyone's best interest) it seemed only fair to compensate you for helping to do that. A multi-level commission system that pays you for the sales of your recruits is an excellent and fair way to do that.

But where MLM gets into trouble (both in its reputation and in legal areas) is when payments for recruiting start being made. SO in order to stay AS FAR AWAY from that tarnished image BungeeBones doesn't charge for the business opportunity that installing the API represents and, at the same time, does not PAY any direct payment for recruiting. ALL income in the BungeeBones system is the direct result of selling our network's web traffic.
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MLS is an implementation of MAC that focuses on confidentiality. A Multi-Level Security operating system is able to enforce the separation of multiple classifications of information as well as manage multiple users with varying levels of information clearance.

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