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I have my 6 year old Maytag front load washer giving me an ND error when it gets to the drain cycle.
I have done grey worldwide happy birthday mp4 the diagnostic checks, both Input Test and Output Test and found that when I was in the Output Test and got to the Drain Pump grey worldwide happy birthday mp4 test, the drain pump did not work.
Topic: Maytag MAH8700AWW Neptune Front Load Washer with dreaded ND.
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I took the pump out and hooked it grey worldwide happy birthday mp4 directly to 120VAC line and it works just fine.
I have since checked the voltages on CN5 - pin 1 and CN10 - pin 6 and had 120VAC on both.
Re: Maytag MAH8700AWW Neptune Front Load Washer with dreaded ND.
The schematic diagram that I have that came with the unit shows a black wire on CN10 - pin 6 and the other side grey worldwide happy birthday mp4 of the drain pump also, but on the actual terminals on the drain pumb, one terminal has two blue wires going to it and the other terminal has one black wire.
Maytag Neptune front load washer continuously fills when not running.
When I check at the pump terminals, I only get like 1 or 2 VAC.
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I also noticed that even with the power turned off, there is 120VAC to CN10 - pin 6,7,and 8, is this normal.
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