England football super league win at home

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England football super league win at home to burnley Liverpool

The 2014/15 season England football super league round of 28 for comprehensive. Facing a 2-0 win over Liverpool at anfield burnley. Henderson and shoot, sturridge header. Liverpool after 12 unbeaten run Manchester united continue to 2 points. In the history of fifa 17 ios coins Liverpool and burnley played a total of 99 times, the reds 42-24-33 have the upper hand. The last time the two teams met is the premier league 18th round of this season, Liverpool's 1-0 victory.

The game gerrard still absent, Henderson continue as captain, sturridge replace malkovich, 2 times a starting after returning from injury, sterling the right flank.Liverpool opening just 24 seconds looped onto, rana passing, sturridge's low heaton saved. On 29 minutes Liverpool took the lead, pull the rana passing, library as the edge of the area inside the boot from blocked out, follow up the Henderson fifa 17 android coins area arc inside the boot from the back.

Liverpool came close to expand the score after 2 minutes, but the library dinho curled effort on the edge of the area to wipe a right-hand post. Soon began to Liverpool in the second half the first result, Henderson right slanting biography, sturridge small headed into the lower left corner in the terminal, 2-0. Two goal lead Liverpool to slow buy fut 17 coins
. "Red army" eventually won four straight, nearly 12 rounds of Liverpool 9-3 flat, 28 rounds of 51 points, two points less than the fourth Manchester united. BY http://www.futshop.net/fifa17/fifa17pointsaccount here now... come here for more fifa 17 fun and coins!


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