E-Sports attend in Top League Clubs

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E-Sports attend in Top League Clubs: FIFA 17, League of Legends, Bettlefield 4.

With the electronic fifa 17 pc coins sports game becoming more and more realistic, professional football clubs has gradually realized the chance of expanding their fans by virtual games. Clubs in west European countries have signed professional FIFA 17 gamers for esports competitions.
Bundesliga Wolfsburg was the first club to sign FIFA 17 player. The lucky dog Benedikt Salzer become the first player of professional football league club members who playing football only on computer. Recent study announced that the number of esports match audience will be increased to 6,000,000!.

Player was absorbed in the fifa 17 ps coins game.
Manchester City also signed their first esoports player, as well as Paris Saint Germain, West Ham United and several others. Paris St. German and FC Schalke 04 also has their League of Legends team.
It seems that real-life sports and sports video game will be mixed one day resort to the gradually enhanced software power, actually they are two types of fifa 17 ps3 coins sports ultimately.
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