Can I use other monetization systems (such as AdSense) at the same time I use BungeeBones?

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answered Nov 3, 2015 by admin (1,210 points)
Absolutely, yes!

Adsense and BungeeBones are not after the same visitors to your website. AdSense wants any and all of your visitors to click their links and leave your site (so that they get paid). BungeeBones, however, is only interested in that small percentage of your visitors that, themselves, own websites and would be interested in advertising in the network. They are two totally different target markets.

If one of your visitors who happens to also own a website leaves your website without finding out about their opportunity to advertise in the network then both you and us lost a potential income source. You would still get paid for their "click" of course but that is just a one time payment whereas if they had become a network member you potentially could have earned an income from that event repetitively for a long, long time.
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