How do I get my free personal Wordpress blog that earns Bitcoin?

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asked Nov 3, 2015 in Personal Blog Accounts by robert (180 points)

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answered Nov 3, 2015 by admin (1,210 points)

Just register at any one of the following WordPress Multi-user websites and you get a free blog under that domain meaning that if, for example, you register and want your blog to be named "Monet_art" then (assuming its available) you enter that in the Art4Bitcoin.club registration and your blog's address would be Monet_art.Atr4Bitcoin.club.

Key features of each personal blog:

  • You have your own blog as a sub-domain of whatever site you are registered at
  • You can register at more than one and blog about the different topics
  • You don't need a domain name
  • If later on you decide to get your own domain name you can "export" all your posts and pages and "import" them into your new website/WordPress installation
  • Each personal blog has its our API installed and anyone that signs up for advertising on your blog is also advertised on our entire network



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