Frequently Asked Questions

Why are backlinks (inbound links, incoming links) important?
Links that are pointed to your website are important for two major reasons: 1. The links will send traffic to your website and 2. search engines will see them and they reason that, since there is a high number of quality links that point to your site (with your keyword phrase in the text) then you must be an important site for that keyword phrase. In simple language, the search engines use the other web masters as their "human" web page inspectors to suplement their search engine algorithms. Properly building incoming links to your website is the most important step you can do to increase your organic search engine rankings and boost your rankings on the major search engines for your website. Link popularity is proving to be the deciding factor on what will or will not rank well on all major search engines. The more links pointing to a website, the more important it is assumed to be. Each website that links to yours is like a vote, stating that your website is important to the net. The more inbound links from other sites you have, the better. Exchanging links is the #1 priority on the list when it comes to search engine optimization.
How will BungeeBones help increase my web site's search engine ranking and link popularity?
When you become a member of BungeeBones, you will immediately receive quality inbound links pointing to your site from many other sites in the directory. Most search engines consider inbound links to be a top factor in determining a web site's search engine position in their results (SERPs). They factor link popularity into their relevancy algorithms and relevant, content filled sites which link to your site will improve your search engine rankings. There is no one thing that will get you good rankings, but boosting your site's popularity will give it the edge it needs.
Are there any costs involved in joining BungeeBones?
There will always be a free link area available in BungeeBones so the short answer is "there are no fees". But you will see that your link's location (the category the link is in) may be changed depending on demand and/or your own future link management choices. As categories get filled (and competition for a position there heats up) the webmasters in it will be asked to manage their link(s) in that category. You will be asked to either 1) move your link to another free category or 2) bid (and win) an auction to maintain your current link position in that category or 3)BungeeBones will move your link into a lower level category named "Bungeed Sites" (still under your original category selection) for you without charge. You will never be charged for a "Bungeed Sites" and you can still use either of option one or two above at any time you wish to move your link at a later time.
What do I need to do to get started?
Signup is free. Register, verify your email, login to your account and add your link information (your website URL, title and description) that you want to display. We do require your email so we can send a small number of emails announcing general directory news such as the new websites that have added subscription directories (and are advertising your link) and to notify you if an auction has been launched in your category.
Registration takes only a few minutes.
What makes BungeeBones different from conventional link exchange services?
BungeeBones is different for many reasons. It is an income generating link exchange, for one, and acts similar to Pay Per Click programs. But instead of adding code that only produces a few links on the side of a page, our code will produce the categories and links of an entire directory page. Because you will automatically be added to many other directories with one link submission it saves you from having to contact the site owners individually and saves you a lot of time. Since you will also be added to all future installations of the BungeeBones directory with just the one registration it is a link submission whose benefit will grow. Since we manage the links for our members we know your link will always be displayed. BungeeBones is designed to function as a WEB2.0 site which, among other things, means that the more users there are then the better it gets. When more websites enroll to earn money, links are displayed on more pages and the more traffic that is brought into the network. The more traffic that comes in then the more sales are made. The more sales are made, and the more traffic gets brought in then the more webmasters sign up.
How is BungeeBones like Pay Per Click?
The BungeeBones business model (i.e. the methods of charging and collecting fees and distributing commissions to web masters) is structured very similar to that of the Pay Per Click (PPC) system. We both use competitive bidding and the open market to determine prices. We both utilize the traffic of our users in our programs. We both place "scripts" on websites to gather traffic. We both send traffic from one website to another. We both pay commissions to the webmasters that send that traffic based on a "performance-based" criteria.
How is BungeeBones different from Pay Per Click?
The BungeeBones business model differs from that of the Pay Per Click (PPC) system, however, in quite a few major ways. Even though we both use competitive bidding and the open market to determine prices, our competitive bidding is designed to be a tool and incentive for webmasters to manager their link placement. Even though we both utilize the traffic of our users in our programs and even though we both place "scripts" on websites to gather traffic the BungeeBones design places that script away from your own products (not along side them tempting your hard won web traffic away?) on its own separate web page. And while we both send traffic from one website to another, our traffic is from a different type of user that has browsed the web directory (organized by product, service or topic) rather than typing in a search term in a search engine. While we both pay commissions to the webmasters that send that traffic based on a "performance-based" criteria, the criteria we each use is quite different. BungeeBones uses a "pay per action" criteria as opposed to the pay per click one. The action that triggers payment is when a fellow webmaster/website owner (who may have been enjoying "free advertising" for sometime) participates in anauction and bids and wins to maintain their position in what has become an overcrowded situation there. Also very important to note is that a Pay Per Click commission is just a one-time commission while the BungeeBones commission continues to be paid the entire time that user is a paying customer. And equally just as important is that we pay "over-ride" commissions when someone joins (gets a free link) from your site and starts selling themselves (by adding the script to their website).
How is BungeeBones different from other web directories?
The BungeeBones web directory is a distributed web directory. While the typical web directory is only able to refer the traffic it gets to its own site, the BungeeBones web directory (placed on an ever growing number of other websites) is able to send the traffic from all of those directories. Each new directory that is installed adds to the total amount of traffic that the directory is presented to. With the BungeeBones system you submit your link information "once and for all" and it perpetually gets added to the new directories as they are installed. To achieve the same effect with the conventional web directories you would need to perpetually submit your link to them, each, and one at a time. That is, of course, unless you hire a directory submission service (see next). The most important difference, however, is that the BungeeBones web directory is installed on "real" content filled web sites and not just web sites filled with just links and no content (i.e. the typical "web directory"). It is the quality of that content that ultimately draws the web traffic and is the main factor determining the quality of the visitor from it to your website.
How is BungeeBones like a free directory submission service?
A directory submission service will, for a fee, take your link's url and go through the process of adding it to some of the thousands of web directories that are out there. When BungeeBones adds your link to our directory the link is automatically added and updated on all present distributed web directories already installed PLUS it will continue to be added automatically to new websites as they, too, add the web directory to their site. BungeeBones does all that for free based on the understanding that the webmasters will take an active role in the future and by placing or moving their links to the best and most relevant categories for their website (i.e. as the size and scope of the directory and the number of distributed sites expands).
How soon after I register will I have incoming links pointing to my site?
Once you register and submit your link your link will usually be reviewed within a few hours. Immediately after it is approved it is live on all the subscription websites.
How do I earn income with BungeeBones?
Webmasters earn income in two ways:


First, you earn income from the sale of paid links to other webmasters. When new paid link customers come to us from your website you get commissions on their purchases for as long as they are a paying customer. All you need to do to start earning income is to add the BungeeBones directory to your site and receive 50% commissions on all paid link sales it generates.

You also still get to offer free links but the great thing is that as they see how our system gets them web traffic, and they convert to paid links, you still get a commission regardless of when or how long it for them to convert to a paid link.

The second way you earn income is through recruiting webmasters to install the Distributed Link Exchange/Web Directory on their website. Even though we have built a strong incentive for them to add the directory to get the 50% savings in their own ad fees we stil will pay you an over-ride commission when one of the sites that registered under your site adds the directory to their own site and starts sellinfg paid ads.

Do I need any programming knowledge for this?
Basic html editing ability is all you need. You can add the whole directory by copying and pasting just a few lines of code into one of your own web pages. To add the directory fill out the form which is provided to you in your BungeeBones account control panel and all the code will be created for you with instructions. If you can copy and paste an html page you can add the directory to your website.
Are there any technical restrictions?
The links will operate on any website that has the very common language "PHP" installed in its server. You can use our system on windows and unix/linux servers.
Is this illegal or spamming?
No, our directory consists of carefully reviewed, human edited links to ensure that this is fully ethical and to provide quality content for your website. The variable pricing of categories lets supply and demand limit the sites at the higher, more popular categories yet allow unlimited category creation to allow places for free links in very relevant category names. We make every directory unique and customized to each site. We take great care in making sure that the links are relevant to the categories. Our directory is very search engine friendly and so the search engines will spider all the links.
Is this a FFA or Link Farm?
No, all the links that point to you are from different websites that are "volunteer websites". These websites are not owned by BungeeBones and they reside on different IP address ranges. In addition, each subscription webmaster has the authority to display free links or not and, if so, for how long. This creates a large variety of link content. In the near future we will be launching Niche directories which will only pull a few categories for display.
BungeeBones reviews every link submission. Quality is our top priority. We also do a lot to organize the links properly so that users can find them. We are all about traffic, not spoofing search engines.
But BungeeBones is also extremely search engine friendly. In fact we designed BungeeBones specifically so that search engines can go through the directories and find the website links in order to index them. The search engines know the websites on BungeeBones are of high quality.
With our system you can add your existing header and footer HTML to the link exchange directory to match the layout with your existing website theme, making the link exchange directory a legitimate and natural part of your website.
A link farm is a web page that is nothing more than a page of links to other sites.
Are these directories considered "duplicate content"?
No. Even though we at consider your link as "our content" the search engines view links as links and not "content" (they use the links as references to send their "spiders" to them). Our directory is installed on legitimate, content filled (real content) web sites but is, in most cases, just a small part of a total website. There are many "subscription" type RSS or news feed services that are designed to enhamce the website visitor's experience that are distributed like this.
How soon will I see traffic increases?
Once your link is approved and live in our network it will be displayed on all subscription directories whenever anyone calls the directory category you are in. You may get immediate traffic results from that. Search engines will pick up your site's link the next time they spider the subscription website. Since we're adding new sites regularly to our network all of those benefits will continue to grow and increase with time.
How much web traffic will I get?
We provide a traffic report for each category being auctioned that tells how many requests were made for that particular category. It doesn't tell the exact amount of traffic your site will get but it is an excellent gauge. For each request listed in the traffic report a page with twenty links was presented to a viewer. They could have, potentially, looked at all twenty links but the report will only show it as one query. In the other extreme, the viewer could have just used the navigation through the category to get to a lower one and never looked at even one link listing. We currently do not provide any kind of traffic reporting of traffic going to free categories.
How can I see where I'm at on the search engines now?
Go to and enter your keyword phrase and your website. It is recommended that you do this before registering on our network and then 30-90 days after to see how many positions you have improved. Try it and you will be surprised!
I have many of websites - Can I manage them all with one account?
Yes, your BungeeBones account is enabled for use with multiple websites. You can manage multiple link campaigns from your account. There is no limit to the amount of sites you can manage. Each site has the full range of link options (free or paid).
Are there any types of web sites you do not allow?
Yes, we do not allow web sites containing pornography, racist information, warez downloads or illegal content. We do not allow FFA or Link Farm sites. Additionally, we do not allow sites that have been banned/blacklisted by search engines. For a full list of sites that are not allowed, view our terms.
Can I customize my directory?
Each subscription directory can add their own custom metatag tag info, such as the page's title and description, at registration which our software uses to construct unique and custom meta information. In addition, we insert the appropriate directory category name into the meta information to help search engines categorize the links. Yes, each link display page of our directory, on each website, has unique title and descriptions and is unique for each category displayed. Literally, millions of unique displays pages.
Also, every webmaster that installs the BungeeBones link directory has complete control of whether to display free links or not and, if they do then they can also select how long they will be displayed for. They can choose to display free links for from one to 6 months, for an entire year, indefinitely, or not at all. This, together with the custom meta tag info and your own website header and footer graphics  insures that each directory, including the data in it, is in fact thoroughly different from any other directory on the Internet.
Can I customize my website listing in the directory?
You write your own website's title and description for the listing when you register. You can also log in to your user control panel at any time and edit them along with the ability to change categories and/or convert to a paid link.
If I modify my website's description, how much time does it take for all the member's to update my listing?
This is where the power of our automated link exchange system comes into play. Your link is immediately updated on every member's website instantly!
How many backlinks to my website do I get?
Since every webmaster that installs the BungeeBones link directory has complete control of whether to display free links or not and, if they so, for how long, it is very difficult to say how many a free link will receive now or in the future. Paid links always receive the maximum number of back links. If your hosting company has statistics on your site check for an "incoming links" feature. Google's web analytics features also will report links connected to yours.