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DASH Is On The Way!

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We are going to start accepting Dash and other crypto currencies, in addition to Bitcoin.

They will purchase the same amount of ad credits as the amount of Bitcoin that their alt-coin would have purchased. In other words, one ad credit is still pegged to Bitcoin and they will get whatever exchange rate their coin has with Bitcoin at the time.

There will not be any option to redeem them as alt-coins, however. Each ad credit will continue to be redeemable for their equal amount of Bitcoin or spendable to purchase advertising.

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A Different Type Of Ad Network!

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Whether you are a new web site operator that hasn't heard of ad networks or a seasoned pro I suggest taking a quick look at this WikiPedia piece.

The major player in the field is, beyond a doubt, Google with their Adsense and Adwords programs. They have pulled off an incredible branding feat because they've made "Google" a new global word even while most have no idea how they have made their money and become one of the largest corporations in the world. Most Google users have always used the services for free. Ask most users what Google does and they would respond they are a search engine. While that is true, Google doesn't charge for it.

So why has Google put so much effort into their "free" search engine and, at the same time, managed to become one of the largest and wealthiest corporations in the world? Because Google is a leader in the Pay Per Click advertising business and a quality search engine like they have gives them the edge to provide the most relevant ads to the pages where their code is installed. Google's Adsense code is designed to be installed on the same page as web content that the user is engaged in viewing. So while the website operator provides content to attract and appeal to visitors Google's algorithms and coding work to try to entice them away to visit an advertiser's site. While that system may not be a problem for some types of web sites like blogs and other informational web sites it does pose a serious problem for businesses trying to sell their own products and services to the visitor. While you try to get them in your door Google is trying to lure them away!

BungeeBones Is Different

  • BungeeBones is NOT a Pay Per Click system and has a completely different compensation system
  • BungeeBones DOESN'T try to lure your visitor away from your valuable content and information.


A Centrally Served Web Directory

BungeeBones provides you a web directory of organized categories and links that is very much like a link exchange system. You advertise our co-operative's member's web sites and they advertise yours! But because it is a lot more elaborate than just a few links (like Pay Per Click) it requires an entire page to display correctly. It sets off by itself, away from your content and requires only that you provide a link to it in as conspicuous or inconspicuous way that you want. The plan is that it become the last thing that your web site visitor sees before they leave your website and do so only when they've enjoyed everything your site has to offer!

No Tracking

We don't track the visitors either. Since our web directory is what is called a "general" web directory we have a broad array of categories and types of businesses and products. There is only a small segment of your visitors that we consider our "target market" and they are those visitors that, themselves, have web sites (or, possibly want a web site). Just like the other ad networks our product is web advertising and we want to attract their business. Advertisers can easily verify how many visitors our network sends them using their own statistics and analytics without intruding on the visitor's privacy.

A Multi-Stakeholder Co-Operative Business Model

But what really makes BungeeBones different is the "co-operative" business model because we not only want visiting web site operators as customer (to buy our network's web traffic) but to also become members themselves and add even more web traffic, yet another sales point for our current traffic and more buyers. To incentivize our members for this rapid growth model we provide both short and long-term monetary compensation along with stakeholder interests in the success of the co-operative. No other ad network offers such a system!

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Are These Stats For Real?

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If you want to get a glimpse of what Bungeebones and this ad network project is about then this report by W3Tech should be quite eye opener. If I'm interpreting this correctly then 80% of the websites on the Internet aren't making any attempt to monetize or sell their web traffic using any of these ad networks.

w3techscreenshotThe full report is available here where they describe how they sent out their "bot" to look for the ad network code of any of the sites in their list (over 100 companies) to see what sites use them. There are two main points to glean:

  1. An amazing 79.6% of the websites the bot searched had NONE of the code from any of the companies in the list.
  2. Of the sites that do use an ad network to earn money from their web traffic, Google dominates the field by having 83.6 % of those sites using their service.




When I see that I have to ask why all those big name companies like Google, Amazon, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft etc. combined have only 20% of the web sites interested in using their services and earning money from their web traffic? My own belief is that they simply don't pay the web site operators enough.

The BungeeBones Answer

  • Provide publishers a stakeholder interest in the success that their contribution of web traffic creates.
  • Create a co-operative environment among the stakeholders that goes beyond the "link exchange" model by adding a monetization system for a more fair compensation system.
  • Use the latest "cryto-currency" technologies to solidify the stakeholders assets into tangible, liquid and assignable forms.