Are These Stats For Real?

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Are These Stats For Real?

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If you want to get a glimpse of what Bungeebones and this ad network project is about then this report by W3Tech should be quite eye opener. If I'm interpreting this correctly then 80% of the websites on the Internet aren't making any attempt to monetize or sell their web traffic using any of these ad networks.

w3techscreenshotThe full report is available here where they describe how they sent out their "bot" to look for the ad network code of any of the sites in their list (over 100 companies) to see what sites use them. There are two main points to glean:

  1. An amazing 79.6% of the websites the bot searched had NONE of the code from any of the companies in the list.
  2. Of the sites that do use an ad network to earn money from their web traffic, Google dominates the field by having 83.6 % of those sites using their service.




When I see that I have to ask why all those big name companies like Google, Amazon, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft etc. combined have only 20% of the web sites interested in using their services and earning money from their web traffic? My own belief is that they simply don't pay the web site operators enough.

The BungeeBones Answer

  • Provide publishers a stakeholder interest in the success that their contribution of web traffic creates.
  • Create a co-operative environment among the stakeholders that goes beyond the "link exchange" model by adding a monetization system for a more fair compensation system.
  • Use the latest "cryto-currency" technologies to solidify the stakeholders assets into tangible, liquid and assignable forms.

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