BungeeBones.com is a web 2.0 advertising system of members installing and distributing web directory script on their web sites with some financial rewards.


The BungeeBones Distributed Web Directory

Terms of Service Agreement - Affiliate

By registering for a BungeeBones.com account, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations regarding our service. Your use of the BungeeBones.com service constitutes your agreement to the terms, conditions, policies and notices set forth below. In addition, our service shall only be used in accordance with any and all applicable laws and regulations.


You agree to receive occasional service announcements via email from BungeeBones.com. These announcements will be used to provide information about advertising and marketing services or updates to your existing account, link(s) and customer accounts. Email addresses of our customers are kept, to the best of our ability, private and will never be sold or divulged.

Web Site Content

To ensure that our directory contains valid, quality web sites, we require that any web site listed contain useful and original content or information. We do not allow web sites that contain only single pages or pages with the sole purpose of manipulating search engines or hosting only the BungeeBones Web Directory. Web sites using languages other than English may be permitted if the websites meet the other terms and conditions.

BungeeBones.com reserves the right to exclude or remove any web site from our directory which we deem to be in violation of these Terms of Service or lacking relevancy to its selected categories. Every website submitted to BungeeBones will undergo human review and can be rejected without notice or recourse.


BungeeBones is a Bitcoin denominated service. All references to "fees" or "commissions" or "payment" etc are referring to fees or commissions or payments paid in Bitcoin.

There will be an option for customers to pay a fee for better placement in the directory AFTER they enter their link. To purchase better placement they need to preload and fund their account. Fees vary within each category and users can select what fee they will pay. Fees are deducted from their account daily until such time as they cancel or until there is insufficient funds in their account. At that time their link will return to “Free Link” status and to its position in the free links list according to its original seniority.

Affiliate Web Page

BungeeBones provides a free affiliate API that enables their visitors to register eaither as customers or affiliates in the Co_operative. ONLY when a customer registered at their API are affiliates entitled to any commissions from purchases or sales of their registrants.

Income Payment To Affiliates

BungeeBones pays affiliates commissions for any paid links sold from their webpage. BungeeBones pays a commission on sales generated by the affiliate's site and will continue to pay that commission for as long as the paid link customer continues payments. See this indepth description for more details of the commission program.


No Link Submission Limits

We do not limit the number of web sites a user can submit but we limit a URL to one free submission only. Web sites must be relevant to the category in which they are listed.

API Limits

There is a STRICTLY enforced limit of ONE BungeeBones API "level" per account/user. BungeeBones offers a multi-tiered commission plan so a user CANNOT be represented multiple times on other levels under or over themself. A "user" is any of these: a person, members of their household, corporations that the user is a principal stockholder in or partnerships they are in. REGISTERING YOURSELF AS A FAKE OR PROXY USER AND API INSTALLATION UNDER YOUR OWN ACCOUNT IS A VIOLATION OF THESE TERMS AND GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE DEACTIVATION AND POSSIBLE FORFEITURE OF PAST, CURRENT AND FUTURE EARNINGS!

Inappropriate Web Site Content And Activities

Certain types of web sites are not permitted to use the BungeeBones.com service. We do not allow the web sites containing pornography, racist information, warez downloads, excessive popups, satanic, witchcraft or illegal content. In addition, we do not allow "FFA" or "Link Farm" type sites which contain only keywords/search results for specific terms or onorganized links barely readable to humans. We currently do not allow gambling sites.



This service is provided "as is" and any expressed or implied warranties, guarantees or link exchanges are disclaimed.

Termination of Service

BungeeBones.com reserves the right to terminate service for any customer at any time for such abuse as category or content manipulation intended to misdirect directory users.


BungeeBones only provides refunds (to the user's prepaid account) for any advertising purchase they cancel within an hour of placing it. Cancellations after that time will still be charged a daily fee. If the customer is canceling their entire BungeeBones account any unused funds they have remaining in their prepaid account will be returned as Bitcoin ONLY.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Service, please contact us using the contact form loctaed through the "Contact" button in the left nav bar.