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BungeeBones For Charity

And Non-Profit Organizations

BungeeBones' Unique Fundraising Capabilities

The BungeeBones software enables any company or individual with a website to "donate their web traffic to charity". Web traffic and web advertising is big business and growing exponentially and web traffic is worth money. BungeeBone' unique capabilities enable fundraisers to sell web advertising, a product that almost everyone of their donors with websites would be willing to purchase as well as donate.

Many websites do hardly anything as far as recovering the value of web traffic as it leaves their site and it goes to waste. Our software enables them to fund a charity with what is, essentially, "found money" by pooling and aggregating their traffic with our networks websites' traffic into a larger, more readily marketable advertising product.

Once your supporters find out how easy and painless it is to support your charity they can easily recruit other websites to join and help too. Your charity has a network of donors and supporters already. Contact them and ask them to install our software on behalf of your charity. Then watch your "downline" grow! Each new installation of our software actually increases the amount of web traffic in our network and makes it more valuable to advertisers. Your charity is actually helping to create the value of the product as new donors join the network.

Our Vision

BungeeBones offers charities, non-profits, not-for-profits, and religious organizations fund raising service in the form and spirit of an old biblical practice known as "gleaning". Since many of us today are far removed from our agrarian roots we may not be aware what gleaning means so I'll include this excerpt from Wikipedia to better explain -

"Gleaning is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been commercially harvested or on fields where it is not economically profitable to harvest. Some ancient cultures promoted gleaning as an early form of a welfare system. For example, ancient Jewish communities required that farmers not to reap all the way to the edges of a field so as to leave some for the poor and for strangers."

(Lev. 19:9-10.,
9 And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly reap the corner of thy field, neither shalt thou gather the gleaning of thy harvest.
And thou shalt not glean thy vineyard, neither shalt thou gather the fallen fruit of thy vineyard; thou shalt leave them for the poor and for the stranger: I am the LORD your God.

 Lev. 23:22
22 And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly reap the corner of thy field, neither shalt thou gather the gleaning of thy harvest; thou shalt leave them for the poor, and for the stranger: I am the LORD your God.

So, while BungeeBones is a for-profit business, it has pre-allocated and purposed a portion of itself for the service of fund raising.

How To Use BungeeBones As A Fundraiser


I ) The Product: Web advertising

II) The Buyers: Anyone with a website wanting to get more traffic/visitors to their website

III) The Sellers:
   A) The charity itself becomes a seller simply by placing the web directory on their site. It enables them to both sell advertising and to recruit more websites
   B) Anyone with a website willing to install the BungeeBones software on their website can become a seller on behalf of the charity
   C) Members, partners, sponsors, associates, friends etc. can all hand out brochures and provide information and just point prospects to the charity web site for registration.

IV) The Price: Determined by the advertiser bidding in competition against other buyers. Similar in design to the widely used "Pay Per Click" bidding model but differs in that the term is "per month" rather than "per click".

V) Commission split : For direct sales of ads by any site with our software installed they get 50% of all ad payments made. Those are continuous commissions paid each and every time one of their customers renew a purchase.

VI) Multi-Level Opportunities: Over-ride commissions are paid on sales of "downline" sites that are recruited to add the software to their site too.

VII) Businesses Can "Donate Their Web Traffic To Charity" by adding our software and designating the charity to receive their earned commissions.

Part I - The Product

A traditional list of items that are used for fundraising includes such things as cookies, candy, chocolates, photos, raffles, coupon books etc. Each of those items are traditionally used in fundraising efforts but now, with BungeeBones, we have a whole new line of Internet products available for fundraising efforts.

Advertising (whether it be Internet advertising or not) is a regular part of business which is undertaken by practically every business already. We believe mentioning "web advertising" to them will almost certainly catch their attention and will help you to engage them in discussion about your charity and about purchasing the advertising product.

Our web advertising product is new - even by Internet standards. It is not Pay Per Click (PPC) nor banner advertising. It is created through the very users of it so that the more that use it, the better it gets.

It is not technically difficult and doesn't require a purchase (our software is free) and it is web based and works through web browsers.

It is "distributable" meaning that those that use it and buy from it can easily distribute it to other users for the charity's benefit.

Part II - The Buyer

The "buyers" of the advertising can be anyone, anywhere because it is web based. But while selling the advertising through the charity's website is practically effortless it is also almost entirely dependent upon the amount of web traffic they get to their own web site. With all the other charities, non-profits and other good causes also clamoring to be heard they (the charities) suffer from the same problem of how to get visitors to the website as the buyers of the advertising have.

So we suggest a marketing approach by charities that gets them to use our software as a "point of contact" and as a way to engage their donors at a whole new level of relationship. Businesses are usually well versed at buying advertising and usually used to looking at such things as the cost of the advertising, how many does it reach, and what quality contacts does it reach. Since we are offering a web based advertising product we realize there have been a couple forms of web advertising that have already gone ahead of us and established web advertising as a powerful and growing market force. Most notable among those methods is Pay Per Click (PPC). We refer to our product as a "Pay Per Click" alternative. With that said, it is a product that can meet the scrutiny from even the most web saavy advertising buyer all the way to the newbie that still only advertises in the traditional methods.

Part III -The Seller

The initial "seller" we will discuss is the charity itself. By the simple act of adding our software to their site (which displays the website links and ad text of our members) they become a sales point for our product. The web page our software displays includes a simple "Add A Link" button which is the gateway to registration and the subscription form for a business or website owner to add their link. This type of sale for the charity is totally effortless. They can just tell the donor through email or newsletters to visit the charity's website and sign up.

But charities also can do active sales campaigns. There is much more potential funding that can be derived from the websites of the buyers themselves that, incredibly, is largely untapped and currently going to waste. BungeeBones will help train charities with the information that will, in a very innocuous manner, point out to the new advertising buyers those factors and show them how they can donate to the charity with what is, oftentimes, "found money"..

Part IV - Pricing The Product

The price of advertising in BungeeBones is set by the marketplace in a manner very similar to its major competitor (i.e. PPC).

In PPC web masters bid against each other with the winner, the highest bidder, getting displayed first.

Well the same is true for BungeeBones. The cost of advertising in BungeeBones is dependent upon prices established by webmasters bidding for placement and varies for different categories. The buyer can find out the cost quite easy on the BungeeBones website though. In fact, we believe the pricing is easier to understand than it is in Pay Per Click.

Part V - Commission Splits

Commission splits start at 50%. Every sale that the charity makes earns them 50% of each and every dollar that comes in from the advertisers that buy as a result of signing up at their site.

That is a repeated commission too, and is paid each and every time the buyer renews their order. In most situations that means a commission month after month after month from the same sale.

AND, because of the increasing pricing of the ads as described above, the commission amounts will be increasing too as certain categories get more competitive and pricier.

Part VI - Multi-level Opportunities

We include "multi-level" type commission payments in the BungeeBones commission plan simply because practically each and every buyer that one of our sellers finds is also a potential seller themselves. So when the buyer decides to add our software to their website we give a sizable portion of our commission to the charity as an "over-ride" commission. How much of the BungeeBones portion do we give? We give half of our half as an over-ride so the charity receives 25% of every ad sale their downline makes. And that income is earned month after month because the buyers usually buy advertising every month And remember, the prices also increase as the buyer bids higher.

Both the percentage of over-ride and BungeeBones' own commission received from each new, lower level under a downline actually results in a perpetually diminishing amount though. Our plan always pays the seller 50% so, obviously, the more you chop the remaining 50% the less is left at the end for those at the top. To see some graphics that may help better understand the system and get more information about the commission plan visit this page.

Part VII - The "Donate Found Money To Charity" Program

Most website owners, business owners, and webmasters are more concerned about getting traffic to their website than they are concerned about what to do (if anything) about traffic leaving their website.

BungeeBones, on the other hand, looks at that exiting traffic as a valuable resource that is often not used and going to waste. Our software enables it to be collected and aggregated with other sites' web traffic into a much bigger and valuable block so that it can be marketed more effectively. Then we make that new product available for the producers to market by those very same websites that produced the traffic.

We provide compensation for that traffic in either a like-kind-exchange (i.e. we send them traffic as part of their compensation) or commissions. Many webmasters ignore the issue of monetizing their web traffic because there simply isn't enough financial reward in it to justify their time (i.e. they don't have enough traffic on their site to make it worth the effort).

So those websites that charities recruit into the BungeeBones system have often been introduced to monetizing their web traffic for the first time. To them, that income that is earned and starts funding a charity may be considered by them to be "found money".

So, as the final step in our suggested fundraising methodology we suggest that charities ask for that seller's commissions. If successful, the charity will be then receiving the seller's 50% and their own 25% over-ride commission each and every month.

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