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Earn Income From Your Website

Overview of income program.

  • Requires installation of free web directory script on your website.
  • A certain percentage of visitors to your website own websites themselves and when they visit the directory you installed they see the "Add A Link" button.
  • When they add their website link to the directory you are permanently recorded as their "upline".
  • If/when they purchase any paid position you earn 50% of their ad fee each and every month they pay.
  • If they add the web directory to their site (irregardless of whether they buy themselves or not) you receive override commissions on their monthly sales.


The BungeeBones Distributed Web Directory comes as a php script - a block of code that you insert into your own web page templates. That way it is completely branded to your website and appears as all your other web pages - complete with your header, images, menu, footer etc.

It pulls all its categories and links from our server so it is totally maintained for you free of charge. Once you install it you have zero maintenance.

User Experience

After you install it, let your website visitors know about it by linking to it from other places on your website (usually your main menu or a banner). If they are not part of our target market (i.e. they are not another web site owner) they will never know it is not your own web page. When they click a link to a website they are taken directly there.

But if they are in our target market (they are another webmaster) and they click the "Add A Link" button there appears a "warmup" page explaining

  • That your web directory is supplied by a third party (i.e. us)
  • That they are about to leave your website to register with us
  • Registration is free

How To Get Started

The code for the BungeeBones Distributed Web Directory is available from your BungeeBones User Control Panel. It has tracking code in it that tells us it was your website that sent in the new user. To get that unique code click the "Add A Widget" button to the right of your listed link(s) in the BungeeBones User Control Panel. To get to the BungeeBones User Control Panel simply login to BungeeBones after you register, confirm your email address and add your web site link to the directory.

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