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The website traffic that is produced by our system is the combined results from the BungeeBones.com website and the multiple websites with the "distributed" web directory on their own websites.

Free Links In An Ever Growing Number
Of Quality, Content Filled Websites

See the list of websites (below) that are also hosting the directory and promoting the links in our directory

  • Most of these other web directory installations below are an independently owned and operated website with their own web site content whether it be business, blogging, a charity etc.
  • The web directory installation enables each location to advertise our member's sites.
  • Notice their "stats" in their description. Add the stats from each one to see how each installation increases the TOTAL traffic coming into the system. The more that use BungeeBones the better it gets!

We appreciate each and every one of them because each new installed directory brings even more traffic and advertising value for all of us. Say "thank you" by checking out their websites!

Bungeebones has brought 209564 clicks into the BungeeBones network

A web advertising social network that enables webmaster and small businesses website promotion in a whole new & fun way.
Suzuki Music Institute has brought 28280 clicks into the BungeeBones network

Piano, Cello, Violin Guitar Lessons... A Music School Serving the Maitland and Greater Orlando Florida area for over 30 years
Bungeebones User Group - Orlando has brought 17909 clicks into the BungeeBones network

The very first BungeeBones user group. If you have the directory installed and want to start a BBUG you can come in under the BBUG banner at MeetUp.com
1st Bitcoin Bank has brought clicks into the BungeeBones network

Coming soon! A solid,secure method for storing your Bitcoins! Guaranteed to be better than a bitcoin wallet!
Bright Learning Academy has brought clicks into the BungeeBones network

We are a K-12 private school that exists to assist and support parental school choice for their child, while fulfilling all Florida Department of Education and State Standard requirements for our students.While using a hands-on and personalized approach, our certified staff with extensive expertise in Exceptional Student Education and learning difficulties aims to target the individual, educational, social, and behavioural needs of each student
Retro Movies, T.V., Music, Commercial, Amusement Park Rides has brought clicks into the BungeeBones network

I've got old stuff, just for you. Now you can go back to the old days. You can show this to your children, or your grand-children, who've never seen these before. You can watch old commercials, old TV shows, old movies, and some old ads. You can even go to the old rides at Disneyland, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, or Universal Studios! You can listen to the old radio shows plus the old video games or old Motorsports. You can go and see my own Hall of Fame. Enjoy a trip to memory lane at Retro Century.
A MLS To Improve Web Traffic has brought clicks into the BungeeBones network

Add your link ONE TIME and it gets distributed to all MLS partneing websites for display in their web directory
has brought clicks into the BungeeBones network

Bungeebones for Mobiles & Cell Phones has brought clicks into the BungeeBones network

This web directory was designed and is maintained for the cell phone user. It uses cell friendly features wherever possible such as clicking a link rather than typing. The directory can filter results by region so you only get the listings that apply to your location.

Why You Need A BungeeBones Distributed Web Directory!

Today, the ever increasing number of websites entering the web has made getting a reasonable placement in search engines a challenge. Each year hundreds of millions of new sites are added to the web but the vast majority will never be seen by search engine users. Most search engine users click a link in the result's first page. Nearly none go beyond the third page.
Our Free Directory Script, placed on other member's site, functions like a link exchange on steroids. It provides multiple links and portals back to your site and from yours to theirs. A continuous stream of new web directories added to the system means that a one time link submission will get it added to an ever increasing number of member directories on their websites, even well into the future. Remember, these are websites with real and quality content like yours, not mere directory sites!
Web visitors are drawn to quality content. It is their quality website that the visitors are originally drawn to! That is why we have developed what we believe is a better way to reward those webmasters that have those quality sites that draw traffic into the network.
Who Pays?
While there is plenty of room for free links in BungeeBones there are certain highly competitive categories where webmasters pay to have their link displayed ahead of others in the category.
How Much Do They Pay?
Among the various choices of advertising mediums available to the public there is always the issue of how many people actual see the ad and, more importantly, how many people actually respond to the ad. Radio, TV, newspapers all have their claims and their counter claims and they have had a long time to perfect their spiels. The new kid on the block, relatively speaking, is the Internet.
Each of those mediums have major players and in the Internet the major player is obviously Google and, in a broader way the entire Pay Per Click industry. So to answer the question "how much" we have to look at the Pay Per Click industry to get an idea of the potential income possible.
In a nutshell, the market for web traffic and promotion is huge. There are literally millions of new websites entering the web and they all have the one common need - they all need web traffic! But the unique thing about BungeeBones is that it lets webmasters sometimes pay in a form other than cash. What do I mean? Web traffic, as we have discussed, is valuable. By installing a BungeeBones directory on their site a webmaster is, in effect, agreeing to recirculate the traffic they receive, back into the network from where it came. We welcome that and consider it a form of payment.
Pay Per Click uses bidding on keywords as a way to determine their relative market value to each other. We do something similar with our directory categories and let our own webmasters and the category population determine the price of being in it. There is a mutual benefit for everyone (you the webmaster, us, and the directory user) to keep the population of links within a particular category to a usable and friendly level. We have a system that lets category pricing (and thus paid link pricing) to fluctuate among the various categories. The fee is charged Per Month, rather than Per Click and we leave the traffic monitoring to the individual webmasters using the directory. The general market price of keywords helps determine, to a degree, the relative worth of various BungeeBones categories
To get a BungeeBones Distributed Directory for your website simply register. Then log in and add your website url to the directory (either in a free or in a more prominent paid link category). After you have added at least one link (you can add as many as you want) then a new link will appear in your user control panel that will take you to a simple form that will generate to PHP code that you can install in your webpage and produce the complete BungeeBones Directory.

BungeeBones is truly a Web 2.0 site where the more that use it the better it gets!

The list above helps illustrate the dramatic potential for growth in the traffic that will be delivered to your listed website(s). As each directory is installed on a new web site it advertises all the links, and provides high quality web sites for their users to enjoy. Each directory (installed) becomes a portal into your website.
Those totals represent the number of times each of those sites sent queries to the BungeeBones database from one of their site visitors.


FREE TRIAL - Unlimited Time

Use BungeeBones.com to get traffic to your website for absolutely free* while you learn more about it.


  See The Directory Here
Why are we offering this free link? Because we want you to try it! That is one way you can learn what we do. We're confident that seeing the steady increase of traffic you will understand how BungeeBones is positioned to become a main stream Web 2.0 traffic portal to your web site and will see visible results in your web traffic from the BungeeBones system .
*Get one free complimentary link in any category but remember - only twenty links are displayed per page. Paid links get priority causing free links to eventually get pushed to lower pages in highly competitive categories. You can guarantee yourself a prominent display by converting the free to a paid link. Additional listings beyond the complimentary one (in other categories or subcategories) are available for a modest fee.
Get web traffic for your web site
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