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Park Your Domain!

Do you have domain name(s) that aren't being used on websites? If so, park them at BungeeBones and earn income!

How It Works

We will provide you a web hosting package free of charge that will hold one page containing our web directory script free of charge when you park your domain(s) with us. Since doing that contributes your web traffic to the BungeeBones system any sales of better placement your page/domain makes earn you sizable, life long commissions (even if the domain is sold or moved).

Free Or Paid Positions Available**

You can offer free or paid listings from your page and, if offer free ads you can select for how long.

  • Free positions are ordered according to the date they are registered
  • Paid Links are always displayed ahead of free links
  • Paid Links are ordered by bid amount from highest to lowest
  • Results page displays are limited to 20 links per page

All of the above is designed to encourage the purchase of better ad placement. Those that do (whether they purchase from the start or begin at a later date) earn you a commission if they originally registered at your page.

Registration for them and you is free.

Earn More Commissions By Recruiting!

By now you may have realized that every website that registers and adds their link to the BungeeBones web directory is also a prime candidate to also add the web directory to their own website and make BungeeBones grow even larger. We reward you for those that do that. When they add the web directory to their site they become your "downline" and you earn overrides on their sales as well.

How Much Are My Commissions?

Commissions earned by parked domains follow the same commission structure as full websites EXCEPT they start out one level lower. What that change effectively does is to cut their earnings to half of what a full website would earn for the same sale.

Add Your Parked Domain!

To add your domain follow the same process as you would otherwise to add a link to BungeeBones. When you select from the category menu select the Parked Domain category.

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