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Our website is one in an ad network of many individually owned and operated websites that co-operate together to advertise each other's websites. It's a better way for us to help people find your website than what just our own site could provide you by itself.

You can add your link absolutely free but there is so much more available that we would like to encourage you to keep reading a bit further before you go on to register and add your link information!

First, your website will be listed in the order that it was received (we don't attempt to "rank" sites). Instead, we offer you the opportunity to move your link into a better position ahead of the earlier links through a bidding system and modest payments. We then use that payment as a way to compensate the member website operators that contribute their web traffic to the network. Again, you can add your link for free but I wanted to mention this compensation system because, after you add your link, you can also add a web directory just like this to your own website for absolutely free too! After you do that you can start to earn for contributing your own web traffic to our little co-operative as well.

Second, the network uses a Bitcoin only based payment system and since Bitcoin is such a new Internet payment system we like to take this opportunity to prep you a little bit. Don't let the fact that you never heard of Bitcoin scare you because, remember, you can advertise for free (and just ignore all the Bitcoin related stuff). But we also have resources to help you learn about Bitcoin and to provide you with free tools to become experienced with it. In fact, we even built a demo version of Bitcoin and that can still move your link ahead of all the previous free links just for trying out and using the demo.

So now that you know that this great web directory is part of a bigger effort than just ourselves just click the "Register" link below and you will be taken to the ad server of the co-operative at to register, add your link and, hopefuly, add a web directory of your own to your website as well!


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