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We are a co-operative effort of content providers, bloggers, small and medium business website operators and other web traffic producers that pool and aggregate our web traffic into a larger, more marketable block than what any site would have individually. It is very much like a real estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for web traffic producers. It enables each website/member to be able to market that better product and the earnings can then help offset the cost of acquiring it. A rare (perhaps unique) feature of web traffic is that those that want it (i.e. websites) are almost all capable of selling and marketing the traffic they are receiving.

About This Site

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About The Developer

About The Crowdfunding With Web Traffic Initiative

About The Fundraising With Web Traffic Initiative

About The Monetization System

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About Web Directories vs. Search Engines

About WordPress MultiSite

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About Bitcoin

This is a WordPress MultiSite where you can register and get your own blog as easily as getting an email account. It is part of a co-operative network that will, from the start, generate both long and short-term income for you, the writer. We have produced a number of MultiSites (all with the same capabilities, all interconnected with each other) but each one is about different subjects and appeals to different writers and site visitors. This one () is geared towards the Bitcoin and “alt coin” communities with a special emphasis on the Bitcoin cryptocurrency system. If that is all a mystery to you don’t worry. There's plenty of training material here and online to quickly get you up to speed.

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A Network Of Networks

For background about the concept of “co-op advertising” visit this Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report.

The network is comprised of a number of our own WordPress Multiuser sites about various topics where users can register and get their own free blog. We also administer Multiuser sites for others where, for example, the writers are all part of the same company (real estate, schools, charities, sports leagues etc. for instance). We also have single WordPress sites as well as non-Wordpress sites with our software installed that are all part of the network too.

Each member of the network is a web content producer (the IAB report above talks more about manufacturers but the concepts are similar). But rare (if not unique) to web traffic and web advertising is how the “manufacturer” can simultaneously participate in the retail role, marketing role and buyer roles of that same web traffic.
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The Developer

Hi, I'm Robert. The idea for this new way to monetize web traffic was birthed many years ago when a very obvious problem facing new web site launches hit me head on. I was nearing completion of a real estate web site and typed the search term "real estate" into Google and it brought back an astounding 600 MILLION me results (now it is even higher than that)!  It hit me like a freight train that I was about to play "King o' The Hill" with 600 million others (with names like Century-21, Caldwell Banker etc.) and try to beat them to the first Search Engine Results Page (because we all know that if you aren't on the first page you don't get any traffic, right?).

The harsh reality is that in all except the very niche categories (or keywords) the Internet is just incredibly competitive and the chance of a new web site breaking out above the crowd is extremely remote. And that leaves just one option – a web site owner needs to buy traffic (by any means – both web and non-web) because getting it by "organic" search results is just about impossible for a new website in any but the most "niche" categories. What this all led to is the basic idea of a web site operator to at least get as much money for the traffic LEAVING their website as what it cost to get it there to begin with. Think of it as recycling. And so, the goal of enabling websites with our script is to get them the highest Return On Their Investment (R.O.I.) by reselling their traffic. (Back to top) 

Crowdfunding With Idle Web Traffic

Statistics show that only about 20 percent of web sites participate in any type of "ad network" to monetize and earn money from the web traffic their website gets. There could be any number of reasons but that doesn't change the fact of how staggering the rate of NON-participation is, especially when considering the companies (60 plus are listed  in the report) have names like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft etc.. These giants COMBINED have only managed to convince 20% of website owners to monetize their web traffic using ad networks!

So we are starting by asking the 80% to invest their web traffic in this startup. We are also enabling NEW entries to the Internet Web Site world to start monetizing their traffic right from the start by providing free blogs. In exchange for their investing their web traffic they receive a vested interest in what the traffic develops into. In other words, if their web traffic causes this enterprise to grow then they (the "investor") receive an interest in that growth as an asset. (Back to top) 

Fundraising With Idle Web Traffic

If you visited the link in the previous section and saw for yourself that fully 80% of websites don’t try to get any money for the traffic leaving their website, then imagine just for a moment the impact that mobilizing that huge potential resource for raising money for worthy causes could have!

The idea is simple … if you are one of those 80% then just install our app and designate your favorite charity, school, civic group, student etc. as the recipient of your site’s earnings and you will be helping to support them with what is essentially “found money” (i.e. money you didn’t know you had and won’t be coming out of your pocket)! And to sweeten the deal, you probably stand a good chance to get a tax deduction, too, for your contribution of what is, again, “found money”! (Back to top) 

About The Software

The "Network" is composed of websites that have installed our monetization software. The software provides each site a complete (with categories, links and management) web directory that pulls its content from our server. The software is available for many platforms and it comes pre-installed on every Multisite Blog. It is available as a WordPress plugin for installation on already established WordPress websites. It is available as a PHP script for installation on most hosted HTML web sites. The more sites that install the software, the more web traffic views the installed web directories and the more web traffic is reported to advertisers. The more traffic distributed by the network to the advertisers, the higher the price they are willing to pay for it (they bid competitively for the best positions). (Back to top)

Web Directory vs. Search Engine

Many mistakenly look at our use of a web directory in our monetization system as some type of nostalgic return to the days before search engines. Those have, unfortunately, totally missed the point. The web directory is not intended for surfers to use as an alternative to search engines but is, instead, an alternative to the small groups of links placed on websites by "Adsense" code as in the Pay Per Click model (the largest system used in ad networks).

Our web directory is an alternative to Adsense code and NOT an alternative to search engines. Instead of asking web site operators to place four or five links alongside their web page content (like Adsense does) we ask for a separate but entire page so we can display not just four or five links but can display ALL our member's links! Yes, that's right. We aren't satisfied to just post our own link and four or five of our buddies' links on your site; we want to post EVERBODY's links on it! But of course they are organized into categoreis, sub-categories and pages. You (as an installer) get the chance to be compensated (no matter how little or how much traffic your site receives) from the sales that originate from your site.

Think of the web directory page as "an exit portal" from your site designed to recycle web traffic as it is leaving your website. Compare this to Adsense code that is intended to be placed alongside your actual web content and designed to entice your visitor AWAY from your site even before they have finished viewing it! Our co-operative approach is totally different than the Pay Per Click model because it also enables long-term returns in addition to sales commissions.(Back to top)


About WordPress MultiSite:

Wordpress Multisite enables its users to become  bloggers as easily as getting an email account. Even though wordpressmultisite.pngbloggers are not usually purchasers of web traffic they do generate traffic and are looking to generate revenue from their writing. Their problem, again, is the extremely large amount of competition they encounter in getting visitors. We help our bloggers to market their web traffic but especially we help them to create a long term asset with it.

Our system enables our bloggers to offer advertisers the convenience of registering their web site URL one time and getting it displayed throughout  the entire network. And since, again, every advertiser is also a potential recruit we pursue that to help earn the blogger extended, long term income. In other words, this system enables a sort of "royalty" to be developed from the income stream that their writing creates. As long as that "reader" that visited the original article continues to advertise in the network and/or continues making sales for the blogger then the blogger keeps earning! (Back to top)

About WordPress MultiSite Clones

You will notice we have MANY MultiSite installations, on MANY different domains and all with different themes and focus. We also offer the MultiSite as a software package to groups such as schools, religious groups, political candidates, musicians, real estate companies, financial investment counselors, sports leagues, sports fans and anyone else that wants to have their own group blog and own brand. In many of these cases the income derived from the writings is a secondary concern but often can be a reward and incentive for the fans/writers above and beyond what they would normally receive. Sort of like "extra income" for the real estate agent to blog about the market, the Little League coach to blog about the game or soccer fans to blog about their team. (Back to top)

About Small Business

Small business websites are usually built to provide customers/potential customers basic information such as services/products offered, hours of operation, location, contact information etc. Often times that is about the entire purpose and need that the website fulfills. In other words, they are merely extensions of other forms of advertising and they aren't big traffic generators. They are a major focus of our efforts, however, for a few reasons besides their web traffic. First, businesses are always looking to buy advertising and our system can offer them great deals (they can get their advertising at wholesale rates just by installing our app). They can then offer membership to others and offer them a totally new product line; one that can supplement their other sources of income. Businesses (such as barbers, beauticians, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers etc.) are constantly in contact with not only potential buyers of web advertising but also of other potential web sites or bloggers to recruit. And since we offer free advertising, free blogs, free hosting they should be eager to pass the gift on to their customers. (Back to top)

About Bitcoin:

btc_logo_whiteWhat is Bitcoin? Why use Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a new technology that many say is as transformational as the Internet itself. It has applications and uses that can replace banks, credit cards, stocks, bonds, and even national currencies! It has terms attached to it such as "programmable money" and was designed to be "the Internet Of Money"! It is quite an exciting area.

Beyond using Bitcoin as the payment system, we also use the Bitcoin blockchain to provide transparency to our members in regards to such things as payments (so that commissions can be verified), the long-term vested interests web site operators have earned and liquidity. Bitcoin is said to be the world's first Triple Entry Accounting system.(Back to top)



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