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BungeeBones produces and maintains a very unique web directory (like a "Yellow Pages"). The web directory is rare in that it is distributed for free (as a WordPress plugin or PHP script) for installation on our member's own websites (just like Adsense code is freely distributed). Each installation is maintenance free for the site owner (since it downloads the categories and links from the BungeeBones server in real time). So from the advertiser's perspective (i.e. those websites that want to place their link on all these sites) they can do so with one easy, quick and simple form submission. 

What kind of websites host the web directory script? We want websites with real content, businesses, products and/or services (we also have a large number of blog sites enabling students, sports leagues, health, music, art fans etc to get their own blog/website). The idea is simple – website operators expend a sizable portion of their own resources to advertise themselves in multiple ways already (ex. business cards, newspaper, T.V., magazine, and radio ads etc) and all those website promotional efforts are geared towards one thing – getting a visitor to their own web site.

What most web site operators fail to do, however, is to attempt to recover the expense by monetizing that traffic (recycling it so-to-speak). So even though our network can certainly help get more visitors to a site (and for an incredibly low cost or even free), the real benefit we offer is to the vast majority of websites that get absolutely nothing in return for that web traffic as it is leaving their web sites We are "recycling" the advertising dollars our members already spent for their's and the rest of our member's benefit.

BungeeBones links are all inspected before inclusion and carefully organized into categories and is designed to be used by and for humans. Privacy is important to us. We don't track visitors, we don't "pay per click" or anything like that. We do show our advertisers how to monitor how much traffic our network sends them without having to invade the privacy of the site visitor.